Crazy Confidence Calls

It might seem a little strange for the FIF Craft Certification program to spend time on crazy confidence calls. Is it crazy though, or is it brilliant? Maybe it’s crazy and brilliant at the same time. The ending will tell, and we won’t give it away. But it will be GOOD! Come see!

Emmy Award winner Janet Urban has given us a rare opportunity to glimpse the confidence work she’s done with countless successful film professionals.

This is your chance to listen to the best, the secrets top industry professionals know when it comes to confidence.

All those Hollywood stars, multi-millionaire producers, award-winning directors, and everyone else makes Hollywood the most coveted place to work on the planet.

The film industry can be intimidating to you if you don’t know how to break in.

Here’s a little secret about all those people you admire in this industry; they are people.

The only difference between them and you is… nope, not confidence. It’s nothing.

That’s right. Nothing. There is no difference between you and the stars.

It’s easy to forget in our hectic day to day lives that the big Hollywood players are simply people.

The difference, though, is they work constantly on life-empowerment.

Life-empowerment is much more than positive thinking. It’s personal work that matters to your success.

Life-empowerment is a crucial aspect to your success. Janet Urban and everyone in the program frequently work on empowerment.

Janet Urban has offered you a free training on confidence. We said this confidence call was crazy, but maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s creative.

The film industry is full of creative people. These are people who are just like you.

It’s fantastic to be with like-minded people who are excited about work.

Perhaps you aren’t confident about getting into the film industry because you believe Hollywood is a cutthroat business.

The truth is, Hollywood is an industry with many genuine people who want to help you succeed, who want to empower you!

If you think it’s utterly nuts to say that many Hollywood professionals are authentic people who want the best for you, then just watch Janet’s video from beginning to end.

Janet understands the pain and frustration you are experiencing to make it in the film industry. She’s been where you are. She knows what you are going through.

This is why she works on life-empowerment with everyone.

It’s not about awards, and it’s not about money.

It’s not about being crazy or brilliant either.

A-List is about what cannot be bought – a network of genuine friends, working the dream, and loving life.

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