Confrontation between the Producer and the Assistant Director

The AD yelled, “doesn’t anybody pay attention to what I’m saying!”

The thing was he started to say what was happening next and then stopped.

Then later when He was asked he exploded.

Luckily the producer was right there and said, “calm down! you started to tell us what was happening next and then you stopped!”

He then started arguing with the producer.

Dudes there are all types out here!

But I must say that this is rare!

Sometimes you have to work with people that you don’t necessarily think are that awesome.

The producer can totally fire him but Obviously the director must want him!

Oh well we can put up with it for three days. Tomorrow is day three! 6

He also said to the prop master, “can we get somebody who knows how to do their job?”

Now that was pretty unbelievable!

Well with somebody like that you just let it roll right off your back!

Clearly the problem is him!

His perspective on things that happen.

So why is he here?

Because the director must like him! :)