In 4 days, You’ll Design a “Career Roadmap” to Take Advantage of the Massive Filming Boom That’s Already Starting to Happen.

No matter where you are in the world, this challenge will give you the tools to get your dream job inside the film industry.

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Is Your Career Strategy Resulting in

(If not, I have good news. Read on…)

Janet Urban

Founder of
Friends In Film

If you’re an actor or filmmaker, and your career isn’t growing as fast as it should, I’m willing to bet the REAL REASON you’re stuck isn’t what you think it is.

  • Yes, the film industry can feel very crowded. The competition is fierce.
  • Yes, many actors, filmmakers, and film school students are trying to enter the industry all the time. AND…
  • Yes, COVID has adjusted filming in the wearing of masks and the slowing down of the shooting process…

But are any of these factors the real reason you’re stuck?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I believe…

The REAL REASON you’re not working as much as you want…

The REAL REASON you can’t find the opportunities that get your career moving…

The REAL REASON it feels like the film industry is a closed shop…

The REAL REASON you feel like an outsider who can’t catch a break… comes down to one thing…

You Have No Solid Career Strategy

Here’s the deal: Most people have a “chasing-gigs” strategy. And they’re wasting their time carrying it out.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your current job — if you have one — sucks, and you feel you’re falling further and further away from your dream.

You talk to your friends and family about your dreams and aspirations and are met with skepticism and doubt.

You want to be proactive — but you don’t REALLY know what to do — so you sign up for another class. Right now, that class is probably online. After the class, you have gained some knowledge but you don’t know what to do with that knowledge.

All the advice that you are given is the same: Stick with it, keep going, and it takes time.

You might land an opportunity but when it finishes, you’re still basically in the same place. Over and over, you feel like you make small steps of progress but then are still in the same place. What happened?

Most people won’t admit it, but this is the question we’re all desperately trying to answer.

I have good news.

As it turns out, you’re standing on an opportunity of a lifetime, that I haven’t seen since back in the early 2000s, where demand will far exceed supply. This is why a solid career strategy can be GOLD for you now, more than ever.

With streaming channels needing massive amounts of content and ravaging demand from audiences eating it all up, production cannot keep up with the demand. That combined with the fact that TV shows are backlogged, means that very soon, everyone will start shooting at once and there will not be enough people.

To take advantage of this massive increase in production, you need to get in the game now, to gain experience and connections.

As of June 15, shoots are quietly happening and our A-list Work-Study members are on them… and you need to be too.

It’s a very good time to enter the film industry. Shoots are slower-paced and gentler due to the pandemic.

And let’s be real: many older industry professionals don’t want to deal with wearing masks or putting their health at risk, so they are turning down shoots… or even deciding to do something else.

Which means even more opportunities are opening up: Whether you’re brand new or have some experience already, now is a great time for newcomers to come in!

Production is happening all over the world in cities like Chicago, LA, NYC, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Washington DC… as well as London, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, and Berlin.

Here’s what A-list Mentor Anton, a production supervisor on The Bachelor said on one of our A-list Work-Study calls:

Sign up now! THE “START YOUR CAREER” CHALLENGE In 4 days, You’ll Design a “Career Roadmap” to Take Advantage of the Massive Filming Boom That's Already Starting to Happen. No matter where you are in the world, this challenge will give you the tools to get your dream job inside the film industry. The

As it turns out, the secret to building a career with momentum, has almost nothing to do with your abilities and talents. Yes, there are things you need to know and basic protocol you need to follow, but at this point, most people are doing the same thing over and over to try to break in, and that’s why you hear that it takes 10 years from your film professors and acting coaches.

The liberating truth you must understand is this:

There’s no such thing as not being talented enough.

I’ll say that again, because it’s important…

There’s no such thing as not being talented enough.

Together, we will map our your career path to make that happen, in YOUR CITY, for what YOU WANT TO DO. I will help you with what to consider that you may not have thought of, and make your plan even better!

Timing is everything!

Why the Strategy I Teach Works.

The real secret to getting consistent paid professional work is to become just like the successful professionals that are working every day on set.

When I started to get into the film industry, I was trying to get somebody to give me a chance, and I was calling production companies, emailing my resume, going to film festivals, and I felt like…

People didn’t want to help me.

I didn’t have the experience I needed to be useful.

I did not know what to say so I felt a little foolish.

It was hard to have the confidence when I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was spending money on classes but had no idea how I was going to apply it to make it pay off with professional work. I had no idea how other professionals got their knowledge.

I wanted to be able to personally talk to them, to ask them how they got to where they are today.

In order to do that, I needed to develop some friendships.

I needed to get inside.

I realized I should become like the people who were doing the kind of work that I wanted to do.

I wanted to work on National Geographic, with exciting, adventurous people.

So I went on a quest to learn everything about those films, and the people involved in making those films. I knew the lenses, the cameras, the music, the animal behavior, I knew what was shot win and remembered certain scenes so that I could talk about those scenes with the people who shot them.

With my insane amount of research and knowledge, I started opening doors because I was unlike the other people who wanted to be in this business.

Now, you can get started in a similar way and shave a decade off the time it takes to get where you really want to be.

My mission inside the challenge is to help you feel confident because you have a plan, share real knowledge of how the industry works for what you want to do, to give you a personalized career path that fits your vision.

For me it was producing or doing camera on wildlife films. For you, it may be Acting in feature films.

It may be producing movies you love that push boundaries.

It could be doing make up, or costume design on features that the world talks about!

It could be winning an Oscar or a slew of Emmys.

Take a look at the roadmap we’ll customize to match you, your life and your goals:

Your Career Strategy Roadmap

What is Your Career Goal?
What skills do you have from your current job?
What are you passionate about working on?
What lifestyle do you want from the film industry?
What kind of productions can you work on right now to get started?
How much can you to earn doing that work?
What jobs can give you that lifestyle?
I created this roadmap when I was back in Wisconsin. My dad was a high school guidance counselor and asked me to explain how to get into the film industry to his students. I was at a restaurant with my mom and dad, and sketched out what I had done back in Africa, when I first got the idea to get into film.

Looking back at what I did, it was very clear. This is all you need to do.

To be clear, this is not a course.

This is a live, interactive challenge where we will work together for four days to build a strategy for your career on a single sheet of paper.

You will join me LIVE and we will figure this out together!Four lessons over seven days!

How It Will Work:

The challenge kicks off on Friday, August 28 at 10 am pacific.

Each day, you’ll be invited to a live stream in our private Facebook group where I’ll teach the core lesson, answer your questions, and give you a simple action item to complete prior to the next lesson. Each lesson is 60-90 minutes of me, teaching you and answering your questions LIVE.

You’ll also be added to the members-only community where you can get all your questions answered in real-time and interact with your fellow challengers.

There are four lessons. Also each session is recorded so if you can’t make a session you’ll still have access to the content.

At the end of this challenge, you’ll have a simple, actionable clear strategy plan that will get you started with knowing the exact jobs that you should be going for, the exact kind of shoots that you can be getting experience on, the exact people that you should be meeting to get on the radar, and the opportunities to shadow, intern, and assist with so you know how to start your own career.

I’ve decided to price this challenge at $38.60. The amount of going out for dinner.

So there you have it. What you’ll get:

  • Four days of live interactive training via Facebook live in a private Facebook group. 60 to 90 minutes of live daily training from Janet Urban.
  • The challenge workbook: a downloadable workbook for taking notes and completing the daily assignments that will help you build your amazing career strategy.
  • The recordings: Keep access to all the recordings inside our private Facebook group. You can go back anytime and review any of the lessons to help you execute your Plan.

A $295 value for just $38.60

Challenge Schedule

Join the Career Challenge and get 4 days of interactive LIVE training with Janet, the challenge workbook, the challenge recordings, and the private Facebook support group from the Friends in Film team.

Friday, August 28 10am PST | 1pm EST
Discovering the FASTEST career path for what you want to do.
Saturday, August 29 10am PST | 1pm EST
Choosing the TV shows, features, music videos you want to create your career in.
Sunday, August 30 10am PST | 1pm EST
Illuminating what has been blocking you (self-doubt, anxiety, people who doubt you, worries about how talented you are, finances, etc).
Monday, August 31 10am PST | 1pm EST
Establishing your NEW Action-Orientated Career Path designed to get you started in the professional entertainment industry NOW.

Join the Challenge and Get:

  • 4 Days of LIVE Interactive Training
  • The Challenge Workbook
  • The Challenge Recordings
  • Support from Friends In Film mentors
  • BONUS: live Q&A call to dig deeper into the topics YOU want.