Kira is working in Atlanta! 🌇

Video ThumbnailKira Acts on Set - vimeo Video

How getting inside can land you a role on a TV show!

Video ThumbnailAshley lands a TV role! - youtube Video

Becoming who you were meant to be through FIF!

Video ThumbnailAnnalee interview recut - youtube Video
Anna Lee was a struggling actor who was scared about her future and worked at Starbucks. Once she got in the mentorship program, she has ditched the “jail job”, lost 30 lbs, gained tremendous confidence, and worked on Chicago Fire!

What if you’re struggling to join SAG?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Isabel C - youtube Video

How FIF gets actors the roles they want!

Video ThumbnailDani A Interview - youtube Video

If you’re an actor, know tons of casting directors, but it’s still going slow… watch this video.

Video Thumbnailnathan case study - youtube Video
I know it may not make sense, but as soon as CDs know you do more than just acting, they will refer you all kinds of work. And then you get EVEN MORE acting work! This is the feedback loop you’re looking for.

Nathan talks about roadblocks doing it the traditional way as an actor, but once he did it the FIF way, a whole new world opened up.

Alex gets put in commercial by the Director!

Video ThumbnailAlex Gets Put on Big Commercial - youtube Video

You know you have talent. But how do you get in touch with the right people so they see it?

Video ThumbnailKate Interview - youtube Video
Kate gets hooked up with professionals, who hook her up with more professionals. If you want to know how to get going professionally, Kate lays it out.

How do you get on a national TV show without even auditioning?

Video ThumbnailJessica interview short - youtube Video
Jessica books her first job on CNN and gets an acting gig on national TV without even auditioning for it.

Is it possible to work with big stars?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Jhoni M - youtube Video
Yes! Jhoni lands a role opposite Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique on the silver screen!

Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill of doing a job you hate, and never making progress on what you really want to do?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Alex G - vimeo Video
Alex was an actor who worked in catering… He is so happy he has “friendship level” relationships with professionals. He works on all the big stuff in NYC now and is “Famous” in FIF for his accomplishments. This interview was when he first started the program. 😊 LOVE ALEX! 💕