Can you succeed if you’re from another country?

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Lera makes $4-5,000 in the film industry (pays for the program) and gets professional acting roles WITHOUT auditioning!

Thinking about A-list?

Video Thumbnailandrew case study - youtube Video
The A-list system is working pretty well out there. Andrew used it to go from being a waiter to working on blockbuster feature films and TV shows. We shot this interview at my house, at one of our A-list parties!

Want to work for Disney? Want to move to LA?
See how Parker did it coming from Columbus, OH.

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If you are worried you can’t do this, watch this.

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Getting your first paid gig!

Video ThumbnailJarrod Reacts to His First Paid Gig! - vimeo Video
Video ThumbnailCase Study Jarrod Z - youtube Video

Should you do this program if you already went to film school?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Lauren B - youtube Video
…and already finding some work on your own? See what Lauren says.

If you want to know where you could be in a year…

Video Thumbnaillauren b one year in FIF - youtube Video

Film school or this program?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Gabrielle C. - youtube Video

Staci went from working as a waitress to working full time on a Netflix show!

Video ThumbnailStaci F Interview - youtube Video

What is the best way to make your move to LA?

Watch how Jake goes from a call center job to making $4,000/month as a Production Designer in Los Angeles and living the dream film lifestyle.

Video ThumbnailCase Study July, 2019 | A-list Mentor Jake - youtube Video

How do you dominate the market and get all the work?

Maria is only 2 months into the mentorship program, and gets paid professional work, where other people who went to film school are only working on student films.

Video Thumbnailmaria interview - youtube Video

Jake goes on location with Grimes, sits in hot tub with producer and makes $600 in 4 days.

Video ThumbnailJake Works with Grimes and Hangs Out in a Jacuzzi - vimeo Video

Alex talks about big shoots he is on since he started the mentorship program!

Video ThumbnailAlex Gets on Big Shoots! - youtube Video

Diana is a SINGLE MOM with 2 daughters, she used to work in RETAIL. Now she’s in the Art UNION and making $3000/month working on feature films and TV shows.

Video ThumbnailCase Study Diana A. - vimeo Video

Brittney from Utah pays off the program QUICKLY!

Video ThumbnailCase Study Brittney T - youtube Video
…With just 1-2 gigs per month!

Erin on her most recent shoots!

Video ThumbnailCase Study Erin T - youtube Video
She talks about how she’s been on 5 shoots. On one of her shoots, Bradley Cooper was producing and acting in it!