Career on FIRE Workshop for Actors

My mission is getting you working on PROFESSIONAL film sets as an ACTOR, so you are making connections to get more acting work!

Make sure you come to our LIVE workshops on Saturday and Sunday, where you’ll be visualizing, writing, and creating (with me) your own direct path for your acting career.

You should approach this workshop like a serious class, where you are working on your life! Make sure you do it to a T! Watch the videos, take notes, and do the writing exercises.

Training 1: How to Get Acting Roles by getting inside the Professional Industry

Post your “Identity Statement” in the “Career on Fire” Facebook Group! Make sure you spend some time there, encouraging others, telling them “You rock!” because these are your future film friends… the next generation of industry professionals!

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. It only matters where you’re going!

Training 2: What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

Now, post in Career on Fire facebook group: What are three zany experiences you would love to have!?

Learn the A-list Method, which gets you on small and medium PROFESSIONAL shoots in your area.

Training 3: Get the experience you need to work on Netflix, Disney, Marvel films, MTV. (We’ve got a lot of A-listers working for these networks right now!)

Putting it all together: What should you be doing right now, with your level of experience to start getting on the map.

Training 4: What’s the Fastest Way to Get What you Want This Year?

What do you want this year to be all about? What goals would start an amazing life for you?!

Go behind-the-scenes to learn how other Friends in Film people are working for Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Marvel, MTV, BBC and see how you can do it too!