Do you know how to network to get more film work?

Actors, Filmmakers, Writers, DPs, MUAs: Learn the fastest way to get PAID JOBS ON SET and get connected with the right people. No chasing job postings, DM-ing people, or sending your resume around.

You may not realize it, but production is EXPLODING, and we need more people! Come see why it’s the perfect time to get in:

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Above: Easy-to-consume videos in a playlist for both Actors and Filmmakers.

What You’ll Learn in FriendsInFilm’s Mini-Course:

There are new opportunities coming up everyday in casting, production and camera for Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Disney. To get ready for them, we’ll show you:

  • How to find small shoots to get experience on and build your credits.
  • How to use that experience to make a resume that has everything professionals are looking for.
  • How to use that experience to get an agent and get working on Netflix, MTV, Marvel films.

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Sign up for the FREE Mini-Course

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