AJ’s Review

You’ve been dreaming of working in the film industry, so take fifteen minutes and watch AJ’s review. AJ credits his success in the industry to the FIF Into The Industry Certification Program and talks of the impact Friends In Film has had for him. Just ask AJ if all of this is legit. AJ recently wrapped Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus Tour.

AJ dreamed of working in the film industry just like you. Before the FIF Into The Industry Certification Program, he lived the ordinary life. He worked 9-5, paycheck to paycheck. A life like that didn’t leave him feeling fulfilled, and life certainly wasn’t a lot of fun. He lived like most people, which is the way you live it now. He tried a lot of different things to get into the film industry. Nothing worked.

For AJ, Friends In Film was the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s the chance that came along, took his dreams of working in film and television, and made them real.

The advice in the program works tremendously well. Training is presented in a coherent sequence. Program mentors are quick to respond with precise instruction. Emmy award winner Janet Urban is always available. The support is tremendous and the group energy is incredibly positive, melting the anxiety of working in the industry.

A-List Method teaches the mindset and know-how that makes a beginner competitive. You can rocket past people who stagnate in entry-level film jobs. You can learn from and work with the top people while on set, and advance your film career from the inside like AJ did.

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Maybe today, it seems like a dream only other people get to live. One day not long ago success in film was also just a reality for others to AJ. Not anymore. His dream is now real. AJ worked in PR marketing and entertainment for eight years, and has now moved into talent management and mentoring. The list of work he’s done would fill pages.

AJ never submitted a resume for the Oprah Winfrey 2020 Vision Tour. He was hired in under 48 hours.

AJ tells us something he remembers, something Janet once said to him. She said, “Become worth the money you want to make.”

With A-list, you can get the things money can’t buy. You can get the life you dream, working in film, fulfilled and fun, where you make friends that last a lifetime.

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