The After Process

Career growth training is all about changing our thinking patterns so we take new actions.

New actions give you new results.

For example, when I was stuck in a job I hated, I was always procrastinating, eating too much, and drinking — to forget how unhappy I was.

I had patterns of thinking that led me away from my dream.

The more I tried to numb myself, the more I felt dull and empty.

What I wanted was to be improving myself everyday and getting to my goals.

The process was learning how to “empower” myself.

Instead of tearing myself down.

I had to learn and create new neurotransmitters that made me want to take new actions.

I did that by following the process of vectoring (What we teach in our A-list training.)

The Before and After Process made it clear… and then I changed my patterns.

Now it is just who I am.

And now I have the career I’ve always wanted.

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