The After Process

Let’s create your AFTER.

Nice work.

Now here’s the fun part.

We start with writing down, brainstorming, going “on a rant” about what you want.

The film career you want.
The life that comes with it.
The income.
Where you want to live.
The people that you want to be around.
The experiences you want to have.

1. Take five minutes now, and write down the life you want, the career that you want in detail.

As you write, don’t let the pen come off the paper. Just keep writing and see what you are able to pull out.

Don’t worry about whether or not this vision is possible. Avoid planning HOW you’ll get there. Just create the vision. Unedited. From the heart.

Here is an example

I want to work in scripted TV. I want to have an exciting life, traveling the world, being paid to travel, making a good income, being friends with interesting people that were doing interesting things in the world.

I want to get really good at something that people call me for, that will allow me to work in the film industry, make decent money, and have really incredible experiences like hanging out at bonfires at the beach, traveling with a group of people on a safari in Africa, being flown in a helicopter to the top of Machu Picchu.

I want to learn interesting things all the time by being involved in it, I want to become an interesting person. I want to laugh a lot, be in great shape physically, and meet the love of my life.

At this point you may be surprised what you wrote down, you may have written down something that feels so far away from what you see is possible, and that’s good. That’s very good.

2. Take another three minutes and 10x your goals. Multiply each goal by ten! Go beyond what you wrote down and go for another level of income, of accomplishment, of lifestyle, the whole shebang.

Go really big and write down what you want, the career, the lifestyle if there was absolutely no limitations.

Take another three minutes and continue to go on a rant about what you want that is 10 times bigger than what you wrote previously.

Here is my 10 x goals:

I want to win awards, I want to be paid the top money for the work that I do, I want be at the top of peoples list for the top projects. I want to be in demand. I want to have houses all over the world.

I want to have an amazing house with an infinity pool where I can have parties with people and we can dance under the stars!

I want to laugh, being surrounded by great people that have similar mindset where we can look to learn and grow all together and celebrate each other’s successes!

3. Now imagine someone (real or fictitious) who has already accomplished the 10X goals you wrote down. Make a list of things they do, projects they work on, how the spend their days. Think about the difference they make in the world, the home they live in, the people they know.

What are they learning?

What books do they read?

What do they need to master?

Even if you make it all up, we are looking for actions of someone who already has this life, to show us what we also could be doing… as we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we can follow what we think someone else has done.

Example: If you wrote down you wanted to work in scripted TV, when you describe what that life might look like… It might look something like this.

As a professional ____ working on a TV show, I'm spending a lot time on film sets, meeting producers and directors, having conversations about scripts, getting training from the top coaches, donating to jy favorite charity. I'm speaking at events to continue to give back and inspire others.

Take 5 minutes and write out what someone’s life is like that’s already successful doing what you want to do.

Your vision is your greatest asset.

4. The next step is what ACTIONS can you take right now that will give you that career.

Brainstorm for 5 minutes by writing down what actions you can take. We are illuminating what you need to focus on — so you start acting like it now.

Here’s an example:

Well, I need to get on film sets. I need to be inspired everyday by being around professionals and learning everyday! I want to read a new script every day and practice my craft. I want to work on indie films so I can build my reel.

5. This is my favorite part… What BELIEFS do you need to have about yourself to get those goals?

What can you do right now to cultivate those BELIEFS in yourself?

Go on a rant for 5 minutes writing down the beliefs you need to have about yourself.

Here is an example:

I need to believe that I have talent, I need to believe that it is possible to get these opportunities. I need to believe that I deserve it. I need to believe that I belong in this industry, I need to believe that I will do whatever it takes to get this life.

I need to believe that it’s not a big mountain, I simply need to meet the right people and start!

I like to use this diagram below to envision all the before and after areas of my life.

There is where I am and then where I want to be. The difference between those things is my work in the world.

As you look at this diagram, I want you to consider yours.

Grab a piece of paper and turn it sideways. Write down the answers from your Before Process on the left and the answers from your After Process on the right.

What I will teach you is about how you think and what you choose to think.

Your thoughts create your results.

It can be the difference between living in heaven or living in hell.

Results will follow.

So you must work diligently on how you think so you can change.

Since I practiced this, I am constantly working towards a new “after”.

I love it.

It keeps me growing and on track. It makes my life very exciting and also very successful.

I have the film career of my dreams thanks to this principle.

I will show you how to life this process as we create your path to getting the career you want and becoming your “after”.

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