Afraid to go after your dreams?

Ever notice how as soon as you think of your big dreams, your big goals, what usually comes right after it is a little fear or uncertainty.

Like you’ll have an inspired moment…

“I’m going to get on the silver screen someday!”

And then what comes up is, “Exactly how am I going to do this?”

“What if I find out I’m not good enough?”

“What if I never make this dream happen and I end up with a shitty life?”

All these thoughts make you feel uncertain and we don’t want to feel uncertain.

We want to know how everything is going to happen.

We want things to be certain.

But the more you need things to be certain, the less likely you are to take chances and put yourself out there. You’re always going to be trying to play it safe.

So the path to your dreams is going towards uncertainty.

In moments where you wish for certainty – remember the quote “The quality of your life is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with.” Tony Robbins

It’s a way to be comfortable with uncertainty!

Your power is in being comfortable with uncertainty!

Uncertainty is everywhere and will be all of your life. If you go towards it then you could take risks, be happy with new experiences and you will grow!

When you grow you have a very high quality life!

It’s exhilarating!

This week why don’t you do one thing that you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid and see how amazing it feels.

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