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A-list MINDSET was created as the BRIDGE to get you going straight into the film industry. It’s designed to get you started, so you go straight into A-list Mastermind and continue your film career. A-list MINDSET makes it possible to start!
You can do A-list Mastermind anytime you are ready… but there is no requirement you do A-list Mastermind. You can stop the monthly membership at any time.

The entire course for the A-list MINDSET program is made available to you as soon as you sign up so your first payment of $297 USD is non-refundable. Check your Inbox or spam folder for your login info. By signing up, you agree to allow Friendsinfilm to automatically process a payment of $297 automatically each month. You may cancel anytime by contacting us at at least 5-days before the next scheduled payment. See all of our terms and conditions at the link below.

You will receive all of the same materials and coaching access that our US A-list MINDSET students receive.

At least 5 days prior to your next payment, send Nycole an email at

A-list Mastermind is the program that gets you working in the professional film industry. A-list MINDSET is the program to get you ready to do A-list Mastermind. If you want to do A-list Mastermind immediately, you can. Go to and join us.

A-list MINDSET provides you the income-making potential to do A-list Mastermind. Through A-list MINDSET, you’ll also build the skills and confidence that will help you when you do A-list Mastermind. The film industry is a high performing industry and you may need to build some skills, confidence, and work habits in order to succeed. A-list MINDSET is perfect for that, so when you join the Mastermind, you already have many of these habits and work schedule in place and can glide right into the professional industry using our methods and take your life from good to mind-blowing.

Yes, you will receive monthly one on one coaching included in your membership. The value of these monthly sessions alone is incredible.


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