85% of people hate their jobs. You could be full-time working in film!

A-Lister Danielle wasn’t just out of college, she’d been in the corporate world for a long time. She was depressed and dissatisfied with her job. She followed the methods in the FIF Craft Certification Program and wound up on set in less than a month. Within ten months, she had developed a name for herself. People come to her because they’ve heard of her. She has jobs flying all around, and works mostly as an assistant director today. That’s an absolutely INSANE pace, and that’s what we want for everyone in our program.

We don’t want people to be stuck as production assistants for 10 years. That’s why our methods are designed to get you on set as soon as possible and give you the necessary tools to move up quickly. It’s our goal for you to be forced to quit your survival job in the corporate world, in food service, wherever, because there’s just too much film work coming in. In short: we want you to be in demand.

85% of people hate their jobs. If that’s you, the film industry might be the perfect place. Every shoot is a new adventure. You’ll be meeting new people and running into friends from set all the time. There’s feature films, commercials, scripted TV, so many different kinds of shoots. There is a community for you in the film world, but you have to get in there to find it.

It doesn’t matter what age you’re at. 23 is a great age because you’re fresh and energized with the potential for a long career ahead of you. 33 is great because you’ve already had work experience; you’ve developed a work ethic that will get you noticed. 45 is a fantastic age. You have a maturity that insiders seek.

Don’t look at your age as a limiting factor for starting out in the film industry. That’s a false belief that will keep you from pursuing the work you love. For someone of any age, there’s an advantage that number gives them that they can bring to the industry. See your age as an advantage, and that mindset will cultivate a great energy in you that film professionals love.