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How do you create a "hot" career?    
Monday, Tuesday I worked on the show "The Voice" at Universal Studios.   I worked with Carson Daly.   
Wednesday I worked with this german director, who I will talk about later in the email.
Today I have OFF!     And I am at a coffee shop with my friend writing to you!

Then Friday I'm booked on another job.   Saturday, a job just came in.
Next week, I have another multi day commercial.   And then an 11 day commercial in December, plus a bunch more 2 day shoots.
It's crazy.    
It's fantastic!
OK, now I want to talk about something that will help you.
How do you create this "hot" career?  
In my opinion, it's through how you connect with people.  
Let me ask you:
How do you see the world?
I have rose colored glasses.   And I swear, the world turns out to look very similar to my glasses.
For instance, I show up on set yesterday.    The Producer comes over.   Me:   "So, we've got quite a shooting schedule today!    I bet you've been busy paring it down."
Him:   "OMG, it's been crazy.    I've had to lay down the hammer so many times.    We literally have 1-2 takes and then need to move on."
(We have like 20 scenes to do in 1 day!!!)
Then, he says, "And it's been a little tough.   This Director is a little "chilly".
Chilly.   My eyebrow went up.    I'm always curious to see how I will relate to someone who is different.    
I go up to him, to see what I feel from him.    I see a very focused person, intently staring at the monitor.
I introduce myself with no thoughts in my mind, but am ready to listen to him.      He smiles, comments on my sunglasses, that he likes them, (they are retro) and we talk a little technical.   We smile and connect.    You know how you can always tell?
I found him lovely.     almost childlike and sweet.
Did I bring that out in him?    Maybe.
Later in the day, a background stops early and walks back into the shot.
He screams, "WTF!!!!"    But not the abbreviated version.    
Another thing happens.    Another temper tantrum.
Now, I'm starting to understand.     He can explode.
So, anyway… I smile and have fun with him all day.
Near the end of the day, I'm leaving.    I'm wrapped.   They are still shooting.   I go over by the camera and I'm getting hugs from the 1st AD, the DP, the Producer.    
The Director comes over with a huge smile on his face, "So nice to meet you!!!"  And he gives me a big kiss on the cheek.    Me, "So good to meet YOU!   Let's do it again!"     Him, "Yes!   Let's!"
I go in the production motor home.    They ask, "how's it going out there!"
I tell them, "Well, the Director seems happy.    He's smiling!"
They say, "Wow!   Really?    We haven't seen him smile yet!!!"
Did I bring out the best in this guy?     Do I see the best in people?
I think so.
I really do see the best in people.
I think this is what attracts business like NOTHING ELSE.
When people feel good, they want you there.
How do you create these kind of connections with people?
To see the best in people, you have to love yourself.
You also have to get out of your head.
You also have to LOVE people, for no reason.     To see them raw and love them.  From my trainings, I have seen people in a way that is raw.   When you strip down all the trying to look good, BS, what is there is a beautiful person who wants to be loved and love others.
When you ask how to connect with people, the answer is, "it's through your heart, not your head."
This is not something you do as a strategy.    It requires you do some personal development so that you can accept yourself completely, get out of your own way, and just BE with people.
When is a time that you connected with someone in a raw way?
When I say RAW, you just "got" that person.   
Some people will have no idea what I'm talking about.   But I bet you do.
Since many of you are actors, you are already inclined to think this way.    Which is so cool!!!
I'd love to hear from you.
Talk soon!

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