Best way for actors to network

Kevin West from the Actors Network talks about repetition in order to make progress as an actor.

He says, “In one month’s time you have to realize that a “legit” representative has probably received 500-1000 submissions.   A legit “somewhat busy” commercial casting director whose had 3 jobs has seen between 10,000 and 100,000 thumbnails depending on how many roles were in each job.   And if you’re casting a real Feature film or a TV show, again, you’ve seen thousands upon thousands of pictures. ”

He says “Submit consistently.”   Yes, I agree.   When you are obviously playing the numbers game, you have to be consistent, or else you’ll find time passing and nothing happening.

Then, he goes on to say, “Yes, it is about relationships, but if you don’t “accidentally” fall into a random weird great moment that hands you an opportunity what are you going to do?”

Problem is… as an actor, how do you meet people?    Pottery classes, the gym, parties, art classes, even AA, get out there… yes.   But, it’s tough, because when you meet someone who is a CD or executive, then it’s like, “Well now I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to get something out of them, as we’ve met in this pottery class.”

Ah yes.   And, it’s hard to get that tight with someone when you’re only seeing them a few times.

But we have a way of making those relationships, don’t we?   The best way to make a tight relationship is by working together.

The fact is:   Most of us professionals don’t have much time for pottery classes, the gym, parties…  We are working.

So, if you really want to get to know us, you’re going to have to come into our work environment.

Yes, submit consistently.   But also continuously build your network.

Here is Kevin’s article.    He’s been helping actors for over 20 years.    I would read everything he has to say, because the more you know, the more ninja you become.

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