$1,000 per day as a Producer?

Is it really possible to make $1000 per day as a producer? Yes! Even if you have the dream but no experience as a movie producer, you can take the first step toward becoming one by working on set as a Production Assistant, learning from producers in production offices and assisting them on set.

You can get into the film industry from anywhere. You don’t have to move to a big city to find opportunities.

Bridget joined the FIF Into The Industry Certification Program in Kansas City, Missouri. She’s worked for Budweiser, Met Life, Google, Pepsi, Apple, and Peyton Manning (where he does his jingle). She makes $1,000 a day as a producer.

Bridget started as a production assistant making $200 a day where she worked on indie films and documentaries. People paid her to learn how to do the work! She went from beginner to top professional in only two years! Today, she lives in Los Angeles.

The film industry has a lot of little details you wouldn’t know about from working in the regular 9-5 world. When it comes to networking, the film industry has its own way of operating.

The film industry is the best business in the world to work in. The money is fantastic, the opportunities to push the boundaries of your creativity are limitless, and above all, your friendships are bonds that make going to work a lot of fun!

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