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FIF Mentor Erin
Morning everyone! Yesterday FIF MENTOR Patrick and I had the chance to PA together on the Universal pictures film “First Man” starring Ryan Gosling.

In this group we always have each others back! I had passed a gig on to him for the gymnastics tournaments with flo sports a while back and he helped me out too with this one! It is true that we really are Friends in Film!

Every week I get a check from a production company and NOT a restaurant!! OMG it feels so good to work hard in the industry I LOVE.

Thanks to Janet and FIF.

FIF Mentor Rolan
I just want to say that I love love love love love love this program!

Wrapped one yesterday. Another today. Got a freebie on Monday with some really talented people. Really looking forward to that one!

Another paid after that! Could’ve had more if I wasn’t working a survival job.

To be continued…

Crystal C.
That’s a wrap on my first feature film!! “Old Man and a Gun” with ROBERT REDFORD and CASEY AFFLECK!! (Although I was honestly completely starstruck when I saw Casey’s girlfriend who’s an actress on Supergirl….)

Kennedy L.
Friends in Film AUSTRALIA!


Day 6 of 6 DONE! 2018

FIF Mentor Lera
It was such a great experience yesterday to work on new Netflix Paramount “baby”, that is called Maniac with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

I wish everybody in our wonderful FIF family inspiring and kick ass day and weekend and next week!!!!

Nathalie P.
Friends in Film in ACTION in London!

FIF Mentor Sparkman C.
Hi Team!

Here’s a photo from the indie production I AC’d for! That’s ASSISTANT CAMERA!

That’s me and the DP on the monitor :)

– Film school is very VERY unnecessary (the crew either marveled that they never needed it or complained that it was a waste of money!)

Cynthia C.
Magic is real guys! This program has been amazing with teaching me how to network.

I’ve been on many sets since I’ve started the program, making $250 a day.

I’ve been able to get in contact with the gaffer, the UPM, Props master, set designer, etc. They all want me as their assistant!

So excited and feel so blessed to be doing something I love.

Thanks Janet Urban. I owe it all to you!

Planning to head to LA in November!!

FIF Mentor Lauren
Before I found this program, I had NO experience in paid film work.

I actually didn’t know the work was all around me!

Everything came together because I was following Janet’s advice.

Bam! I went from hardly any paid work to paying my bills by freelancing so fast!

At the end of last year, I had virtually no professional film connections.

I went from knowing no one to now I’m working all the time!

You can do it!!

Just follow the program! It’s gold!

Wesley G.
Wrap parties are GOLD!

Recently, I was able to have a more in-depth conversation with the key PA and many other crew members at a wrap party.

A great conservation starter goes a little something like this; “So what’re your plans after this? What else are you working on?”

So many doors will open!

After the party, I got offered to work on a new show! Hell yes! It’s a 16-day shoot!

Your fellow professionals will refer you work, build friendships with them!

You all started together and will grow together! Janet Urban talks ALOT about this in Module 8!

FIF Mentor Erin
As most of you know my goal in the industry is acting.

Like all of you here I use the methods Janet teaches and I work on crew to build relationships and to SHINE right in the faces of those who do the hiring!

Well, we were shooting a commercial in a hanger at the ATL Airport and SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED!!

Half way through the day the client (Delta) had spotted me working and asked the Director if he would run me through wardrobe and makeup because they wanted me in the commercial!


Proof that Janet Urban methods are REAL and WORK!

(By the way, I had submitted for this shoot and they said I didn’t fit the criteria.)

FIF is so legit you guys STICK WITH IT.

Put the work in and I promise that things WILL happen for you.

This is the second time that I have been picked from my work in crew and asked to work on camera.

Love y’all :)

FIF Mentor Sparkman C.
It’s my first week as a DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT for a feature film in NYC!

It stars Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect and How To Be Single).

I’m hired from pre-prod all the way through editing – about 6-7 months of work!

FIF Mentor Lera
Yaaay! So happy! I worked on Lady Bird – the NY Unit!

FIF Mentor Ariana
Hello Folks!

I thought I’d share a photo of me working the reflector! :)

This method of networking is unlike any other training I have had in my life.

Not only am I seeing results, but I’m changing as a person!

I feel so empowered every time I leave a set.

I don’t worry about “I hope they liked me.”

Keep the FIF mindset and you’ll be soaring! ;)

FIF Mentor Ashley J.
Hey Friends in Film Fam-Bam!

I usually don’t share stuff like this but I think this can be a source of inspiration for you all.

When I first started doing FIF, my family was supportive but skeptical. No one was more skeptical than my mom. LOL.

I had graduated from college with student loan debt of course.

So when I walked away from my full-time job to pursue film full-time, mom was not very happy.

“How are you going to pay your debt?” “What about your bills?”

Through Friends in Film and Janet’s methods, I have made more money IN 1 DAY than I have made in an entire month working a full-time job.

This check is when I worked on the Librarians.

Now, this post isn’t all about the money. Yes, money is important. BUT this is from doing what I love to do!

My mom sees the hard work I put in and sees that I get paid for what I do. She fully supports my decision! Your family may have their concerns but move forward anyway. :)

This is your life. You only get one chance! Live it well with love and power.


Ania N.
LONDON: A-List actor Ania lands a principal role on a big budget shoot!

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