Welcome to the Union Training!

Starts Friday, May 13th, at 10 AM

Email sent! Check your inbox for an important welcome message from info@friendsinfilm.com. DRAG IT INTO YOUR GENERAL MAILBOX if has gone to spam. Otherwise, you may miss the Training! Follow the steps below to ensure your experience gets started on the right foot!


Step 1

Set reminders on your phone right now

Go ahead and set a calendar alarm, put it on your fridge, whatever you need to do to show up. You want to mark about two hours every day from Friday, May 13th, to Monday, May 16th, starting 10 AM Pacific. The last day, May 16th, is our special “How to find the work for YOU” personalized Q&A — very important! 🗓️


Join the Private Facebook Group

This is where you’ll access all of our live training plus special bonus trainings leading up to the challenge and throughout the 4 days we’ll spend together. This step is a MUST. 💻
Join the Facebook Group


Introduce yourself in the Private Facebook Group

While you’re in the Facebook Group, go and introduce yourself! Tell everyone what city you’re from and what you’re passionate about on top of acting (photography, working with animals, etc.). Then do the pre-training exercise that should already be inside the Pre-Training folder in the private Facebook Group. This will help you loosen up and put you in a great state when starting the challenge! 😉


If you’re anything like me, you probably have friends, family members, colleagues, and others who would love to be creative and want a great life. Or who simply want to try something new and get out of a slump during these crazy times. If so, copy the link below and share with as many people as possible!

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