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How to Get on 5 Shoots in 5 Months FREE Workshop

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Start Your Career Working for Netflix, MTV, and Marvel

You grow your career in the film industry through working on PAID shoots. You get on paid shoots through connections.

If you’ve been trying to become a director and cinematographer for at least a year, and you’re still making less than $5,000 in the film industry, you’re doing something severely wrong.

What you’re probably doing is:

– Working on your passion project and not working on film sets
– Writing your script and not working on film sets
– Applying for jobs on Staff Me Up when professional film work is all word-of-mouth
– Trying to “get in” through Facebook groups when professional work is never on Facebook (or posted online)

None of these things have anything to do with building a career through connections. The film industry is a connections-based business.


FIF Graduate

FIF Graduate

This workshop is CRITICAL for you if:

If you want to actually work in the film industry and make your ideas and dreams come alive. You’re going to learn how to land your first jobs in the film industry, even when you’ve tried Facebook, Staff Me Up, film festivals, making your own films, reaching out, and nothing is working.

After working with 3,400 students, and helping them get into Netflix, MTV, Disney, and Marvel sets, I’ve boiled down building a career through connections into 3 simple steps. I’ll be breaking down the process of 5 shoots in 5 months in this FREE workshop.

The Workshop is FREE. See you there! 🔥

Happening this Sunday, February 25th at 10AM Pacific!


The Workshop is absolutely FREE. See you then!


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