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Well, first you have to practice your acting weekly.

Then, you have to get a little reel together and put it on Actors Access.

And you have to have people know about you as an actor. And start getting organically hired as an actor.

A-list Prep is our prep program for the A-list Program. For a limited time, it’s $97 per month, and a monthly membership. You can cancel at anytime. Everything falls into place when you just start.

  • Start your acting career by getting coached by a live person, a coach every week.
  • Start making $3,000 per month in freelance money so you have the freedom to do whatever you want in life.
  • Practice your acting weekly, and get coached weekly! That’s 8 calls per month, that’s $12 per call! So affordable! Acting coaching is $400 per month anywhere else!
  • Build an acting reel with 3 current performances on it. Not monologues! They want to see actual scenes for a reel that you use on Actor’s Access.


It gets you working with me and my team right now. You don’t have to figure out what to do anymore.

First, I will teach you how to reinvent your thinking with my Reinvention Formula training and life will never be the same again. You are invited to weekly coaching sessions where you can work with a coach and apply the formula to yourself.

Next, I’ll teach you how to get signed up with the promotional modeling and background agencies. These gigs are freelance and pay $25 per hour. With this training, you can make $250 per day. Work just 12 days in a month and add $3,000 per month to your bank account. This is easy work to get.

Then, I’ll teach you how to create content for your REEL that’s industry-standard. Actors, imagine having clips for Actors Access. Filmmakers, you need a reel to show everyone your work.

You will have everything you need when you choose to go professional using the A-list Program when you are ready.

Here is Janet working on a shoot for Beyonce.

august 5 alist prep

Let’s Go


The A-list Program is our flagship program that gets you working at places like Netflix—in a craft like acting, directing, writing, or camera in six months using the famous A-list Model.

A-list Prep is where you work with a coach every week to ignite your dreams. We always want to know “What to do”.

What is more important than what you do, is how you train yourself to THINK.

What is holding you back from the life you want to create in film?

What is encouraging you forward?

We use a very unique process called the Reinvention Formula that you won’t get anywhere else.

It uses the power of your brain, to change the way you make money, produce content, and get started in the real world on living your dream.

The A-list Prep Milestones That Will Get You There

Money Milestones

  • My 1st Brand Ambassador (BA) gig at $250/day.
  • My 1st Background job at $100/day.
  • I’ve done 10 BA gigs and earned $2500.
  • I’ve transitioned into the A-list Program.
  • I’ve quit my 9-5 job FOREVER.

Date achieved:

Jan. 2, 2023

Get-Unstuck Milestones

  • I’ve created my Impossible Dream.
  • I came to the Reinvention Calls and worked on my one biggest mental obstacle.
  • I’ve created the thinking that goes with my Impossible Dream.
  • I’m a changed person: I’ve reinvented my thinking to CREATE a life I want.

Date achieved:

Dec. 31, 2022

Actors’ Milestones

  • I’ve taken scene study, on camera, and improve acting classes.
  • I’ve identified My Type (characters I could play).
  • I’ve put together an acting resume.
  • I’ve produced 3 clips for my reel (to put on Actors Access, Backstage, etc).
  • I have the foundation to become an actor.

Date achieved:

Dec 17, 2022

Filmmakers’ Milestones

  • I’ve done pre-production for my 1st clip.
  • I’ve shot my 1st clip.
  • I’ve shot my 2nd and 3rd clips.
  • I’ve produced a reel from my best clips for my website.
  • I have the content that proves I am a filmmaker.

Date achieved:

Dec 17, 2022


  • The A-list Prep “Start here” Framework — if you don’t know what to do, I’ll set the goals for you and you do only that.
  • Making freelance income with Financially Free as a Freelancer training (Promo modeling and Background work)
  • Create your own body of work with Project Portfolio.
  • Studying yourself with Reinvention Training.

Monthly Training Calls with Janet:

Where you can ask her anything and get coached.

Weekly Acting Practice Calls:

With challenges and homework.

Weekly Reinvention Calls:

Where you study yourself and overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and fear.


I’ll teach you how to start producing your own 15 second clips for your portfolio…

I’ll show you how to put together a week-by-week schedule to shoot one high quality clip every month. (Instead of having nothing to show for your work or your passion.)

I’ll teach you how to select the script, find the actors…

Light it, shoot it, record the sound, get the right shots, and edit it down into a professional looking 15 second clip. Actors can start creating the roles you want instead of waiting for roles that fit your look.

I’ll show you how to fill up your Actors Access, Backstage…

Spotlight, and IMDb with your clips. (So you can stop feeling like you’ve don’t have enough credits to be taken seriously.) Filmmakers will use the clips on their reel and have to show on their phone.

I’ll teach you how to make enough freelance income to replace your 9-5…

Background, promotional modeling/brand ambassador, and events. Make $200-250 per day. ($25/hour) Fill your schedule with 10-15 days per month, leave 9-5 forever, and when you’re ready… go professional using the A-list Program.

I’ll teach you how to find people to collaborate with…

While doing Background, Brand Ambassador and Event work. Do VO, BTS, and music for their shoots, adding to your credits.

I’ll show you how to use promotional modeling and background jobs…

To gain skills to put on your film resume.

I’ll show you what to stop doing that could be hurting your career….

I’ll show you what to stop doing that could be hurting your career….

You’ll take advantage of being with like minded actors and filmmakers…

Who are acting, writing scripts, shooting music videos and commercials. Create the kind of work you want to become known for.


What do you do when nothing seems to be working?

I felt like that too.

I was living a life of quiet desperation where nothing was working.

Then, I met a guy who had traveled around the world for a year.

I’m like, “What? People actually do that?” How amazing I would be if I did that too!

So I did!

I quit my job, cashed in my retirement, and started traveling around the world.

Sometimes, you just have to start. If you don’t know what to do, do something that is a big step on your way to the life you want.

That’s how I thought of A-list Prep. I looked at what I needed to just get started.

Join us now and start your acting career in a real way, exactly what you should be doing if you are serious about becoming a working actor.


Vic Filmmaker

In the past, it would take some time before I realized I worried myself into a whirlwind and would hardly be able to answer a question or strike up a conversation even though I like to. You know how it is: before you know it, you haven’t been listening and missed a bunch of important moments and opportunities to contribute to solutions.

Working the Mind Shift exercises and cycling through the things we’ve learned in the modules has quickly taught me how to kick the doubt to the curb and focus on my tasks with confidence. Now, I say to myself on set, “everyone is nervous about messing up. It’s not just you. Help them relax and it will relax you. Breathe. Now, who looks like they could use some help?”

Zuli Editor

I recently became single after 25 years of primarily being a stay-at-home mom. Being a part of Friends In Film motivated me to be fearless in the pursuit of my new career in the world of film. It hasn’t been easy doing three jobs to pay for my independence but I wouldn’t change this decision for anything. I directly credit the confidence I have received through Janet’s amazing trainings for the fact that I ended the year with my own relationship radio show.

I was going to pay a lot of money to finish a course to become an immigration interpreter which I did in the past and hated. I am so much happier working on my dream to be a script supervisor, actress, and talk-show host. I booked my first role on a film on January 2, 2022 in a short called “Room Service”, with an amazing cast.

Tahj Writer

I’ve been trying to get into the industry after 3 years of no progress and coming out of film school in 2018. The loss of confidence I had was astounding: I’ve been too timid to get out and try to get a crew and make my dreams a reality.

The 20 Shoots Program gave us reinforcements to deal with failure directly. I was able to tackle my powerless state, turn it around, and take the vital steps forward. Now I have arsenals for both getting new on-set experiences and for my mental state. I’m working with a lot of different people much more actively; these experiences are giving me some well-needed reminders of the skills I once had.


We do it together for real.

Come join me every week while I get you ready with new action steps to start a new life.

I want to share my process with you.

I want to teach you how to do it just like I did.

And I want to have you get coached so you can adopt new beliefs to change everything.

I will get you unstuck. Helping you start a new life is my life’s purpose.

Join the A-list Prep Membership now. You have nothing to lose.

Stay 1 month, 6 months or 6 years…

Let’s go get this life that is waiting for you to step up.

Let’s do this together!