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The Intensive’s Schedule

DAY 1: Saturday, November 6


To have a HOT career, you need to practice:

  • managing your mind to bring your best self forward
  • talking to yourself with love
  • shifting from expecting to fail to expecting everyone to hire you

DAY 2: Sunday, November 7


Instead of starting at the bottom of the ladder, you’ll see how to start half-way up. Know exactly how to get current film experience, contact people, and represent yourself to get PAID film work in the next 2 months.

DAY 3: Monday, November 8


You’ll see exactly what Janet does, why she does it, and how YOU can model her approach. Now is the easiest time to get in, and see how you can benefit in this transformative time.

Bonus DAY 4:Tuesday, November 9


I go through your personal skills and dive deep into your personal questions to tell you what jobs you can do on sets that are hiring, plentiful, and get you connected!

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My Mission For You:

I’m Janet Urban, Emmy-award winning filmmaker and founder of FriendsInFilm, a group of go-getter film industry professionals who are located in major metropolitan areas of the US, as well as London, Sydney, Vancouver and Toronto. ⁣

My mission is to show actors, filmmakers and writers how to take control of their careers and, more specifically, work professionally on TV shows and feature films.⁣ We are the fastest way into Netflix!

FREE. Join us now!

On set working with Carlton, one of my students

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