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What Happens When You Become VIP?

After each session, I will host a VIP-ONLY call to talk about your specific career plan not covered in the regular LIVE training, get personalized help, and go over your resume, all to expedite your success. This is so valuable.

Restructuring your resume will happen after Day 3 of the training. I look at the experiences you already have and help you create a strong objective based on them, as well as what to work on next. I’ll tell you what to put on your resume and what to leave off so you know you’re not selling yourself short to professionals.

Essentially, you’ll get exclusive access to ask questions and get live feedback on anything you want to ask, like:

  • What would be the best jobs for you to start in that you can do right now.
  • Who are the people you need to form relationships with.
  • Whether you should stay in your current city or move. And the data to look at while making that decision.
  • What kind of research should you do for your career.
  • Anything and everything.

This kind of intensive workshop is usually only available to my A-list Work-Study students who spend a minimum of $4,997 to get personalize coaching… you get it for FREE when you sign up as a VIP.

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