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After registration, Janet will send an email asking you what market you are starting in, along with a few other questions, and she will notify you if you are IN. Janet does reserve the right to cancel and refund your money if she determines you are not suitable for the program, or if we already have too many applicants in your desired market.

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Into the Industry Platinum3

FriendsinFilm A-list Work-Study Program with Platinum level access:

This program is made up of 10 A-list modules that tell you exactly what to do in your city to get into the PAID professional industry. Everyday, you can access the modules and take action in your life doing exactly what will get you on set working.

Next, the A-list mastermind group is there for you to ask questions and make friends with people who are doing this program all over the world, and in your area too! Janet is in the mastermind every day helping you!

Finally, we have the A-list calls, to keep you doing the right things consistently.

Everyday for the next 10 months, we will work together to acquire professional work that is PAID so you can have a life doing what you LOVE.

You keep access to the modules for life once you pay in full or complete the payment plan.

Platinum provides a higher lever of access to Janet:

  1. Email Janet directly when you need her with PLATINUM in the subject line
  2. Janet will look over emails and your resumes, to give you personalized coaching on what will make you the most effective in getting the jobs you want.
  3. Janet will accelerate you ahead in the training to get you working in the business as quickly as possible.

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This is a 10-month payment plan for indiviauals serious about creating a freelance career in the film industry. It is not a monthly membership. The 14-day money back guarantee period is from the date of intial purchase. Remaining payments will be automatically drafted each month until paid in full. See our Full Terms of Use here.

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Refunds are available for 14 days (after that we are into our ninja techniques and that is only for people who are full on committed to their career.) All you have to do is email me in the first 14 days and I’ll refund you.

What Others Say About The “A-list Work-Study Program”:

FIF Mentor Rolan S
I just want to say that I love love love love love love this program!

Wrapped one yesterday. Another today. Got a freebie on Monday with some really talented people. Really looking forward to that one!

Another paid after that! Could’ve had more if I wasn’t working survival job.

To be continued…

FIF Mentor Goran
Before I joined the Program, I used to be a lot in my lower self state, but thanks to Janet and her amazing program and the great support from mentors and other participants, I was able to get myself out! Some other mentors had different challenges and the Program was able to help them overcome the challenges as well!

I remember when I started, I was filling up pages and pages of notes I was so amazed of how much I’ve learned in such a short period of time! I knew right there and then that I want more and I was hungry and ready to do it, to work in the Industry. I was dreaming and seeing it until it become true for me as much as it did for other members and mentors and, one thing I can say is that me or other mentors are nothing special we just follow the road map to success.

To make my long story short, a year and few months into the program, I was debt free! I was working in the industry and loving every part of it! Before the Training, I was lost and in a big debt (About $60K!!!) but my friends were telling me this is it, and thank god I listened to my feelings!

My wish to you all is to join FIF, participate, listen, and note everything down, be a part of Yammer, and plug into live calls with Janet. It’s all PRICELESS!

FIF Mentor Sparkman
This is me on the set of the feature film I just wrapped in August. This was our last day shooting out in Queens! I was the Director’s Assistant on this job. I couldn’t believe I was there and how far I had gone in just a year. It was the most beautiful evening.

I was working with Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra and Adam Devine all summer. Our Executive Producer was the executive producer of “IT”, “Project X”, “Terms of Endearment”, “Almost Famous”, “Yes Man”, “She’s the Man”…. and he started as a PA! Just like all of us are learning how to start. And here he is, top of the industry.

This will be you guys before you know it — on crews with 20 people, 50 people and 100 people. 😁 Who’s ready?!

FIF Mentor Jessica P.
I started in Columbus, Ohio, in late 2015. I worked on set as much as I could while working a full time job in leasing! I made contacts in LA through our FIF methods and that lead me to move to LA at the beginning of this year. I have been working full time in the business around LA and just got back from a travel gig where I was in Maine for 2 months working on a Disney show!!

The best part about the methods that we have is you can put them into practice in ANY market you’re currently in. Even in Columbus, I was able to find work that I had no clue was there… follow what Janet shows you and you will be rocking it out in no time.