Perhaps you’ve been bitten by the acting bug… you’ve been going to auditions, and are wanting to land some of these roles and get going.

First, I want to acknowledge you for going towards something you love and not giving up.   I’m sure you’ve heard your fair share of “don’t ruin your life and become on actor”.

I believe it’s important to master something.  To get really good at it.  Even when there are rocks in your path.

If you are taking action, that tells me that what kind of person you are.   But I don’t consider going to classes, as taking action.   That’s spending money.

You could have a ton of money and go to NYU.   Many people do.   Then, they graduate and ask their professors, “So who do you know in LA?”  and they hear, “Uh, nobody…. You have to make your own connections.   Use your degree to make connections.”

I’ve heard this exact sentence above from many people on set.   Problem is, no one cares about your degree.   If you are close to graduating, you’ll soon find out this is true.

Professionals care about their show, their job, and getting the shoot done smoothly.   Many people in our business have degrees, and some don’t, and their degrees weren’t in acting or film or media.   They know they made it in the business from what they brought to the table.  Themselves.  Not the classes they took when they were 19.

Schools are in it to make money.   Not a bad thing.   The film industry is about making money too.

But whether it’s the best thing for you… that’s what you need to look at.

What experiences you give yourself, how you go about your career… is more indicative of what you’ll accomplish in your career as an actor.   What do you know… what have you written… what have you done… what do you want to learn… and what are you doing now… (hopefully, you’re not going to say, “uhhh, I’m in a class.”

Because anybody with money can take a class.

I’m talking about action.   Major action.  Major learning.

You’ll impress me (and by me, I mean you’ll impress a professional) if you got it goin’ on.  If you’re doing much more than other people to learn, to become better.  If you are everywhere and on fire.

You will take acting classes your whole career.    When you come to LA, that’s when you’ll meet the really good acting coaches that can also hook you up.

The best people are in LA.   Not at NYU or other colleges.

But, if you want to go faster and further than most people, even those who graduate from top acting schools, it’s all about connections.

Most people have a heck of a time getting those… and that’s due to actors not being in proximity (not being around) the professionals.   Not in any way that a relationship can be formed.

So, the way I teach you get connections because you’re interacting with industry professionals on set… all the time. You can’t help but make connections cause you’re working with the people who hire you.   duhh!   ;-)

My advice, don’t go to a 2 or 4 year acting school.

Get a degree in something that you might be able to use later.

Take acting classes from a local acting coach or community college.

Audition your butt off, all the time.

Do our program, so you can get on real sets and meet people from LA and NYC.

Be good as an actor.     Most SAG actors are good.   Being good is bottom line.

But concentrate on the business side.   That’s where everybody falls short.

And that’s where Friends in Film is the golden nugget that was missing for most people.