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ONE TIME PROMOTION: $100 OFF PER MONTH. And everything you pay for FIRE is applied towards A-list Work-Study!

If you know you want to pursue a career that you will love, but have been searching for HOW to break into this new life… A-list FIRE is the catapult out of that life and into a new life.

It solves the 3 big problems currently holding you back.

1. You’re afraid to invest in your career because what if it doesn’t pay off?

2. You’re unsure of your own ability to make a career in film.

3. You’d love to do A-list Work-Study, but you’re unsure about paying for it.

A-list FIRE solves those hurdles.

First, I’ll show you how toget freelance income coming in. You will need to have other freelance work in between your film jobs anyway. (Many professionals have other freelance work they do to “fill in” between their film shoots. That way you can leave 9-5 behind for good.

Second, you’ll be invited to ALL our WEEKLY A-list Work-Study calls! We also do Acting practice calls every week where you get to practice your acting, which is important to maintain your acting chops if you’re an actor.

Finally, you’ll be ready financially and mentally. I teach you how to make an extra $500 per month and you’ll KNOW you can make a career by being around us all the time so you’ll be able do easily do the A-list Work-Study Program.

Everything you pay towards FIRE is counted towards A-list Work-Study! So you lose nothing!

Why A-list FIRE Works

The content in our monthly membership program is designed to be easily digestible and actionable. Through a series of actions that I guide you through, you develop your entrepreneurial side, allowing you go into many directions in life without fear, in the film industry or even in a new creative direction.

With A-list FIRE, you are invited to all our A-list Work-Study calls. Yes, the actual Work-Study calls! It’s extremely valuable to be invited to these calls.

You are talking to in-demand film PROFESSIONALS who are part of our clan! A-list Work-Study has been around for 10 years now, and has alumni that are now producers, production supervisors, CDs, agents, DPs, MUA and production designers.

Before A-list Work-Study, they were trying to break in themselves. Now, they have been on THOUSANDS of professional shoots, making $500-1,500 per day. You can talk to them on these calls. You will be one of us now!

You are making your own freelance income, expanding your social circle, and kissing your 9-5 goodbye.

By the end of this program, you will be:

  • Creating a wacky side (passion) business that inspires a new version of you.
  • Gaining confidence with job offers flowing in like a faucet.
  • Practicing becoming a calm, confident, hardworking person that you really are.
  • Overcoming anxiety, self-doubt, worry, and boredom.

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What you’ll get in A-list FIRE


(RCG Training)

Language and Transformation training to create new empowered ways of thinking.

A-list CALLS

Learn from Janet and other experienced A-listers.

Film Biz Ready

Bring in $500 extra income with fun, creative jobs. Get signed up with brand ambassador and background agencies, and create your own Wacky Side business.


Get step-by-step guidance to get income coming in, confidence, social network, and follow through. to begin a life that gives you an entrepreneurial advantage in the professional film industry.



A-list FIRE Membership Program


of Work




To access more information about the training, download the PDF:

Why do A-list FIRE NOW?

A-list FIRE is monthly membership. You can cancel any time, but you won’t want to once you start seeing your life change.

ALL of the payments are applied to A-list Work-Study! So, you can stay with FIRE as long as you like, and when you’re ready, move over to A-list Work-Study!

  • You want to start earning money immediately. You want to build your skills, revamp your resume and jump-start your career. You want to get rid of any feelings of self-doubt.
  • You feel you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and see your friends and acquaintances on Facebook getting them instead of yourself.
  • You feel you’re not looking for opportunities in the right places, and no one finds your skills valuable.
  • You want to increase your skill sets, have time to practice those skills, and earn money at the same time.
  • You want to start building solid and lifelong connections to other people who are successful.
  • You feel your current job isn’t aligned with your true passions and vision.
  • You want to be your own boss.

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Joining is EASY!

Get started in creating this über-YOU now— The best version of yourself you can ever be.

  • You will receive your login to the step-by-step online training videos to get started immediately.
  • You’ll join Weekly LIVE Calls with me personally where you can submit your questions so I can personally help you.

The monthly payment is $199. Live calls. Resumes. Communication skills. Email skills. Local resources. Overcoming Fear. Business Do’s and Don’ts. Using certain jobs and work as leverage for bigger jobs… It’s the best coaching value anywhere in the world.

You can cancel any time, but I know you won’t want to once you start using the tools and materials to build this life, with Janet and all your A-list friends. You can’t half-finish a project that is your life!

Simply fill out the form and we’ll see you inside! 🙌

Still Uncertain?

You owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one concept in A-list FIRE…

changes the course of your life for the better?

What if just one strategy in A-list FIRE…

helps you get started on the path working in a niche you love?

What if just one technique in A-list FIRE…

frees up more time and you pays more for the work you love?

What impact will that have on your Relationships, your Confidence, your JOY?

What would those changes be worth to you over a lifetime? Priceless.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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