How do you get a high level manager?    I get asked this all the time through email.    This question used to 'frustrate' me.    Cause the real answer is, you don't.   You get the agent, the manager, when you're ready for it.   And this is still true.   

But when you get 'inside' the opportunity to get a meeting with a high level manager could come very fast.   This is the power of being 'inside.   This is what happened for Andrew.   

You never know who will hook you up.   Anybody in the business can do it.  Andrew met an Oscar award winning Special Effects make up artist.   He won the OSCAR not 1 time, but 3 times.

This guy is on a VERY HIGH LEVEL.   The people he knows are AT THE TOP.   In fact, while Andrew was working last week, Meryl Streep called in and asked for Greg.   Yes, that's the top.

So, Greg is hooking up Andrew with his manager.   That's the kind of thing that happens amongst FAMILY.   That's why you see so many celebrities sons and daughters suddenly getting roles.   

But you've got to be GOOD.   You've got to be serious.   and READY.    Meaning you must be good at auditioning, be in a class, have taken your own initiative, be doing what an actor does.   No one is going to help someone that just wants it handed to them.   Andrew has produced his own films, ADed, PAed, acted for many years.  He's been cast in many low budget films.  He LOVES auditioning.   Still he was at a 'low budget films' acting level.    

Not where he wanted to be.   Until he got 'inside' and he got the connections to get to a level that is VERY HIGH.   Anyway, here's how it happened: