You want to get your face out there.  So many actors are making their own web series, writing and producing their own shorts…  It's something you MUST do!   But it's got to be good.   

A great script, professionally shot, great sound, great lighting, well edited… you can't do this with your flip camera and some friends who always wanted to make a movie but have never done anything professional.  You can't.  You are wasting your time and theirs.

Why?  Because, unless it's done professionally, (script, lighting, camera, sound, edited) …   it's amateur.    No one in this business wants to look at amateur stuff.  That's a waste of time.    Dollars are NOT MADE on amateur stuff.

You want to attract the professionals?   You must produce stuff that is AT THAT LEVEL.  

Or else you're wasting your time because they will never look at it.   And if they do and it sucks, they will remember you for wasting their time.   Not good.

Bottom line, the Entertainment industry is a business.    Look at all the pilots that are MADE BY PROFESSIONALS that never make it.    You are playing in that field.    There is no other field!     Your stuff has to be that good.  

You want to make it BIG, that's the field you're playing in.    OK?   Get it?

Now that you're not dreaming anymore, hopefully, and realize that this is the business you're wanting to be in…  How do you self produce your own films and make headway?

You could go to film school.    Naaahhh!   That will put you $100,000 in debt.   Naaah!   I don't like debt.  I like you starting out your career debt-free.

Well, the answer is right in front of you…. watch this video: