Friends In Film is dedicated to helping people reach their goals in the film industry whether they are a complete newcomer or a veteran that got stuck somewhere on the way. Started as a Film School alternative, FIF methods are designed to ignore everything except what gets people in demand and working on paid professional sets.

Janet Urban

The fearless leader, she knows how to break into the industry from the outside because she did it herself. With no film experience or set knowledge, she refused to let the universe tell her to back down and became the head of her department working on top level projects.

Hanlu Cao

Hanlu C. is Friends In Film’s graphic designer. She specializes in visual strategy and content management, and works hard to see that the information in the modules is easy-to-consume. She makes graphics with the hopes that they will deconstruct the cryptic nature of the film industry to those who are not yet working inside. Hanlu is also Friends in Film’s official cat-petter, much to the cats’ chagrin.

Nycole Flynn

Nycole is the Director of Social Media and Happiness at Friends in Film. She’s also who you’ll email with the most before your mentorship with Janet. Nycole is a die hard foodie, shoe lover, and former Music & TV industry Marketing professional and Publicist, who also moonlights as a mom of three beautiful daughters and wife of a charming Digital Strategist. After a 15-year stint in New York City, she brought the East Coast hustle to California’s laid back shores and is loving every minute of it.

Omar Lopez

Omar is a self-proclaimed bad ass and all around excellent individual. It is known.

He spends his time reading, writing, making videos, adventuring, and exploring different spiritual practices. He has a B.A. in Music Production and plays guitar in a band called Plan Your Escape, and plays bass/sings at his church: City View Worship. Omar also loves making hiphop and rapping.

Follow his Instagram @omarthegrateful for links to his music and podcast!

Gregory McDonald

Greg is a writer and video editor for FIF, working to make the blog and emails informative, engaging, and digestible. He believes Super Mario Sunshine is indisputably better than Mario 64. When not gaming and foregoing sleep, he is working on his Master’s degree in Astrophysics to one day get a PhD and figure out what the hell is going on out there.