Best school for film? the film set!

The film set is the best school for film… because you learn all the things to do and not do! And how to respond when things don’t go to planned. Which happens a lot! Transcription: Don’t run around with the energy of like your head cut of. Not good. Centered. Breathe. Pay attention. Listen do your best job and if you make a mistake it’s okay we make mistakes all the time. For instance, I recently worked with Oscar award winning Damien Chazelle, the director of La La Land. I am the head of the sound department. My job is a sound mixer. And this was the last day of the shoot… and it involved music playback that the talent was dancing. The AD yelled, “Play back!” So I’m playing…

My office by the sea

We shot in Malibu yesterday. If you were driving down Pacific Coast Highway you would've seen us. We were set up in a parking lot just off the beach. We were shooting down at the end of the pier! There are many tourists and fishermen that were watching us on the pier. You try not to disrupt things too much for people when you're shooting in a public space. That's why if you see a film crew it's easy to stop by and even ask a few questions!

Watch what you put out there

The level of secrecy has increased. Years ago Apple was the crazy strict one.   (and still are)   The name "apple" was not even used.   When you were booked, production would say the job is "Rose".   And then you'd know you were working for Apple.   They simple don't want anything leaked.   No pictures of the spot, no talk about what we were shooting, and certainly no pictures or description of the new product we were making a commercial about!   We all sign multi page non-disclosure agreements.   You even have to wear name badges!    They are serious.   So, yesterday, during the safety meeting, the 1st AD said that this commercial was 1 slot lower than Apple.   Meaning they want complete secrecy….