Wes’s Career Takes Off after Friends in Film

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Wes went to film school but didn’t really get into the biz until he started using FIF methods!

What if you’ve never knew anybody who has succeeded in the film industry?

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Charisse on how she found where she belongs (on set) and who her people are!

How Rachel got the life she wants!

Video ThumbnailCase Study Rachel L - youtube Video
Rachel was already a NEWS PRODUCER, and used the program to get into the kind of work she wanted to be in— FILM!

Update! AJ starting a career in NYC 🏙️

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Chanukah in Atlanta!

Video ThumbnailChanukah interview - vimeo Video

Austin in Philly on shoots non-stop, only 2 months in the mentorship program.

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Dani gets connections in Los Angeles from working on set in her local market.

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Brandon loves the party on set!

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How to start a film career in NYC.

Video ThumbnailAJ talk - vimeo Video
Video ThumbnailCase Study Racheal B - youtube Video

Can you really break into the film industry in your small city?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Ashley S - youtube Video

Jake in LA!

Video ThumbnailJake Working in Los Angeles - youtube Video

Dani has made over $2200 in just a few weeks with the program.

Video Thumbnaildani case study - youtube Video

Should you take the leap and get into the industry our way?

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Erin meets her hero, Lena Dunham, in the bathroom, on set!

Video Thumbnailerin meets lena - youtube Video

Joe in LA

Video ThumbnailJoe talk to camera - vimeo Video

If you made it this far, you may want to see us filming with a real tiger

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Can you get connected into the film industry if you’re in London?

Video ThumbnailAndy G of London - youtube Video

Can you really quit your job, get paid to travel all over the country as a DP, and make $65,000/year all from Friends in Film?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Alicia P. - vimeo Video

Alicia saw a posting for a big movie in town. She applied but got turned down.

Then, she did it the FIF way, and got “brought in” as Camera dept! She worked that entire movie, and paid off the ENTIRE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM in only 2 months. (And she didn’t even go to film school and know how to work a camera!) It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know… and you learn that in this program.

Video ThumbnailAlicia Brought In For Camera Dept. Job - youtube Video

Getting Paid for Volunteer Work!

This is why we push people to do freebie work at the beginning— you never know when people will start valuing you as an asset to their production. And yes, you will make mistakes! Not everything went without a hitch for Duran C, who was responsible for bounce boards on this project. But’s that’s how you’ll learn. And volunteer work is where you’ll get the experience you need. And you may STILL GET PAID!

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WHAT IF YOU’RE 30-50 YEARS OLD, hate your chosen career, AND HAVE Major DEBT, LIKE $60K?

What if you’ve spent most of your life doing a job you didn’t like, and now the film industry feels like such a long shot? Maybe you thought you could only break in as an actor…

There are so many jobs you can do! See how Goran used film work to pay it off!

Video ThumbnailGoran combined cut V6 - youtube Video

Clara in London!

Video Thumbnailclara g case study - youtube Video

Friends in Film can lead you to agency work too!

Christian did A-list in Philadelphia. It led him to LA and a career at a celebrity artists branding agency!

Video Thumbnailchristian pool party interview - youtube Video

How quickly can you become a Production Designer?

Video ThumbnailJan 11, Atlanta

How to travel the world working on feature films?

Because of FIF, Katie hooks up with people who travel the world making feature films.

Video ThumbnailKatie W interview - youtube Video

Emily tells us how much she’s made in the industry since she started the mentorship program.

Video Thumbnailemily case study - youtube Video

Parker starring in a music video – the sword-yielding bar maid.

Video ThumbnailDance Gavin Dance - Head Hunter (Official Music Video) - youtube Video

Erin D on How Staying Humble Got Her So Far

Video ThumbnailCase Study Erin D - youtube Video

Keila gets line producer credit from FIF.

Video Thumbnailk interview - youtube Video

Hear how Parker’s connections in Ohio led her to full time work in LA!

Video ThumbnailParker Makes Connections - youtube Video

Can you find film work in London?

Video ThumbnailNayda Interview - youtube Video

If you’re in a smaller market you can use the mentorship program to get into the niches even faster! Watch this video!

Video ThumbnailKaleigh M interview - youtube Video

How quickly can you leave your job?

Ashley didn’t know how to get into the film industry. She thought her job at the news station would lead somewhere.

Now, with the mentorship program, she is a Production Manager and HIRING Production Assistants. Yes, she is one of those people you want to make a connection with! ; – ) She’s that fast and that’s what happens when you do the mentorship program!

Video ThumbnailAshley Update: Production Manager!! - youtube Video

Tamira becomes a special effects make up artist from the mentorship program!

Video Thumbnailtamira - youtube Video

Transitioning from engineering to acting!

Tamara was an engineer who had a passion for acting. She joined A-list to get connected into the professional industry. Now, she is a wardrobe stylist and a SAG actor earning $1,200 per day, and as much as $2,400/day working for the networks! She did it the A-list way, specializing in 2 crafts, and BOTH get her acting and wardrobe stylist work! This is the way to go See how you can do it too!

Case Study | A-list Mentor Tamara - youtube Video

What if you’re an actor living paycheck to paycheck?

Ali used this program to get paid professional roles and makes $4,000/month in film doing it the FIF way. She even paid off $30,000 in debt!

Video ThumbnailCase Study Ali C. - youtube Video
Video ThumbnailAli C Interview - youtube Video
Video Thumbnailali recut interview - youtube Video

Worried about money and whether you can do this?

Video ThumbnailCase Study Jana B. - youtube Video

Jana made $4,500 in 2 months from the mentorship program, has $2,500 of work lined up… and is giddy with excitement about making a living in film, traveling the world, and having a life that most people dream about! See how you can do it too!

Video ThumbnailJana Pays Off Her Entire Credit Card Bill in 1 Week - youtube Video

Jana works on the new TV show, TOP PHOTOGRAPHER!

Video ThumbnailJana Works On Top Photographer - vimeo Video

What if you are worried about running out of money?

Isabel talks about how life changed completely, all from doing the mentorship program, and getting PAID PROFESSIONAL work. Now she is “in demand”, knows CDs and agents personally because she works alongside them, and is working every week on professional sets.

Video ThumbnailIsabel C Update - youtube Video

Xavier pays off program and gets principal role on Chicago Fire!

Video ThumbnailXavier Case Study - vimeo Video

Carlton skips the audition process and gets jobs straight from Directors and Producers.

Video ThumbnailCarlton inside auditions - youtube Video