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Film grad? New to film? If you have major ambitions but need a network, this is for you: You’ve put in a lot of effort, but you’re not forming the connections you need, can’t get into the work you really want to do, and wonder if you have the right strategy to build this thing.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped 3,400 students break into major TV shows and feature films at Netflix, MTV, Disney, and Marvel—without chasing people for work, sending resumes around, and trying to convince people to hire you.

Cinematography. Screenwriting. Directing. Costumes. Production Design. You name it, you can do it! 🔥

🎥 At Friends in Film, we have streamlined the process for creating a lucrative career in film, without waiting forever, taking stabs in the dark, or doing sporadic work.

Learn a different way to get connected into the industry with Friends In Film and see how things take off for you.

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