Remember if you're paying to be seen it's not a real agency.  There are no REAL talent searches out there. 

Real agencies will sign you and take a percentage of your paycheck.  No upfront fees, no extra fees to 'expose' you, no expensive photographers & videos.    Remember this and you won't get taken down the wrong path.

This is another money making venture that preys on young adults looking to have a great picture taken of themselves and marketed to 'big names' in hope of getting signed and becoming famous.  Unfortunately, It doesn't work this way.  

Notice how they have normal looking people and the lighting makes them look more glamorous.  

That kind of lighting is done for music videos to sell records.   Celebrities have special lighting to keep their BRAND going!   So they can keep the offers coming in and keep their whole team working!

At this stage of the game, you want to get chosen for a role.    You will hurt your career if you mask yourself and make you look better than you really do.  In the real industry, the casting agents want to see what you look like without all the special effects!!!  That's why they don't look at websites like this!  Plus they don't have time to watch videos of people who are trying to look like rock stars and models!!!

Read the fine print in the 'About us' on this company's website.   It's very clever, like all these companies that market towards NEW TALENT.  

There are so many companies out there, marketing towards New Talent because they know there's money in it.   They make it seem like this is 'the way' you can get noticed.   Of course, once you get sucked in, it costs $$$ to post your video, picture, profile.  And there is plenty of testimonials from people who have gotten discovered. 

Whaat?  How did they get those?  They're making so much money, they can afford to PAY people who already have it going on.   They ask their lawyers what they can get away with.   And they have plenty of $$$ to spend on marketing, all funded by 'new talent'!!!

PLEASE, just ask some one in the business about these companies & show them these websites & hear them laugh!!! 

These companies get away with it because young people don't know how this industry works.

From the outside it seems like a way to "get discovered".  These scam companies are doing a great job of making it seem this way!

Instead of giving away your money why don't you research how the industry works?   Read how casting directors choose actors for roles!

Cast Affair?  Ridiculous.   They don't even give you a way to contact the company, no address.   Who are they hiding from? 

Listen to what the Casting directors say. Read the Backstage publication.  Real agencies make a percentage of your paycheck, they don't ask for upfront fees! 

I know, its hard to resist, even of you know how the system really works, its easy to get tempted by companies like these. They have a fancy website, great videos and a montage of normal looking people who look like you and me and they look pretty good!  And it makes you think "maybe they're getting roles and contacts and offers, paid trips to Europe.   This may be the way in"!  But It's Not !!!!!!!

It's not the way in.  

The bigger problem is that people will get their hopes up and dashed and then blame themselves;  and perhaps give up,  disillusioned and disappointed. 

Yes, this makes me angry.  It hurts you guys.   Ask Ania and anyone in my group who has gotten scammed by similar companies.

It's always the same. These companies always make it seem that they need to find new talent. They make you believe that top industry execs are desperate to find you and tens of thousands of other hopeful want to be's. Heck no.  Why are there so many companies out there like this, with fancy websites and supposed connection with top agencies?!  

The real clue is the SEARCHING FOR TALENT.   ah, yes!   There's money to be made from people searching for ways to become discovered. 

Problem is, look on ANY real industry site and you'll see they have no need to SEARCH for talent.   Real Agencies are overwhelmed with talent.   It comes to them, they don't need to search for it!!!   Doesn't this just make sense?

If you have what it takes right now to make money GO straight to a real agency.  If they think they can make money with you, they'll sign you.  Real agencies have relationships with casting directors, producers and filmmakers.

I have a friend who applied for a local shoot where they wanted local college women.   They were looking for talent for a local campaign.   That's quite different.    She auditioned and got offered representation at a local agency.   They got paid a percentage of her paycheck.   She did NOT pay to get seen!!!  Never PAY to get seen!  OK?!!

Sorry for the ranting and raving and the strong language but this stuff stinks and makes me mad. It's one of the reasons I started Friends in Film.

Acting is a profession. Its a business. It's one of the best careers you can have. But it takes a little effort on your part to succeed.

So what do you think?  How many sites like this have you come across?  And if you've got a story that demonstrates what I'm saying or something different, post it in the comments here!!!